NPA Women FightersRed Sparks Union unites with people’s struggles for liberation worldwide. We emphasize the revolutionary struggles of the working class and peasants of the oppressed nations because these struggles, which exist where the ideological, economic and political infrastructure of imperialism are weakest, have a strategic relevance for all of those who seek liberation. They have the potential to strike decisive economic blows against imperialism by conquering state power, ending imperialist exploitation of the people and their lands, and delinking from the moribund monopoly capitalist economy. They are also the most promising incubator for new social relationships, people’s institutions and relations of production based on solidarity, substantive equality and the end of exploitation which can only blossom fully with the birth of the new society. In the current context of an imperialist world system which is in crisis but maintains an aggressive ideological, economic and military posture, these movements are the most capable of dealing a decisive blow and opening up new possibilities for transformative social change.

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