Justice for the victims of the Kidapawan Massacre!
Long live international solidarity!

ILPS in Canada Statement
3 April 2016

Bugas Bugas Dili Armas

The International League of Peoples Struggle in Canada joins with peace and justice loving people around the world in condemning the Kidapawan massacre of peasant farmers demanding food relief. We hold the power structure of the Philippine National Police, the Aquino regimes, and its imperialist backers particularly Canada and the USA as chiefly responsible for this vicious violation of democratic and human rights of the Filipino people.

There are three important contexts for this outrageous act of reactionary state violence that must be addressed here.

The first is the context of food insecurity of peasant farmers in the Philippines. The immediate trigger for the farmers protest is the starvation of their communities resulting from a drought that is no doubt linked to climate change. However the food insecurity of peasant farmers across the Philippines is not shaped by natural disaster, but by the social disaster that is imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism and feudalism. Imperialism which continues to plunder the rich resources of the Philippines and intervenes to prop up its reactionary comprador rulers currently embodied by Aquino and his clique. Bureaucrat capitalism which skims the wealth generated by the toiling masses of the Philippines to service odious debt for the benefit of international capital and for pork barrel projects benefiting the tiny comprador ruling class. And finally the feudal super-exploitation of peasant farmers by the big landlords which squeezes peasant communities through exorbitant rents on small farmers and below subsistence wages for farm labourers. Peasant communities in the Philippines are perfectly capable of producing all the food they need to survive, it is exploitation and the extraction of value from these communities by feudal landlords and big agribusiness that leads to the hunger and malnutrition in these communities!

The second important context is the tactic being used by the reactionary Aquino regime of labeling any act of organized social struggle by the people as subversive and calling it, directly or by implication, so-called terrorism. The conflation of people’s democratic social struggles with armed and revolutionary forms of struggle, and the conflation of legitimate revolutionary armed struggle with the reactionary violence being used by imperialist created reactionaries like ISIS and Al Qaeda is a tactic to justify and even encourage state violence against people engaged in legitimate and necessary resistance to their oppression and exploitation. This propaganda permeates institutions like the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines, creating a climate of impunity and justifying extrajudicial killings, human rights violations and the use of state violence against people exercising their democratic rights as we’ve seen in North Cotabato.

A final important context here in imperialist Canada is the role of Canadian corporations and the Canadian state in shaping the systemic exploitation of farmers in the Philippines and in contributing to the climate of militarization and human rights abuses in the country. Canadian mining companies are very active in the region of the Philippines where this massacre has taken place and the plunder, land grabbing and environmental destruction wrought by these mining corporations have contributed both to the poverty of these communities and to the militarization of the country-side. Mining companies are using the Philippine military, police, private security armies, and paramilitaries to ‘protect their investments’. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is involved in training the Philippine National Police – and we shouldn’t think that the massacre is in any way in contradiction to the track record of the RCMP which was created as a colonial police force, has specialized in putting down strikes and workers struggles throughout its history, and which maintains its role is keeping the colonial order and in suppressing Indigenous struggles in Canada; including significant culpability in the reality of missing and murdered Indigenous women across the country. The gross actions of the Philippine National Police are completely consistent with this role modeling of Canada’s national police force.

The response to this collaboration between reactionary and imperialist states, and between the exploiters and oppressors internationally is our international solidarity as grassroots people. Today we stand in militant solidarity with the farmers of North Cotabato and demand not only justice for the victims of the massacre, but also the economic and social justice that these communities have been demanding and struggling for!


Bigas Hindi Bala! Food Not Bullets!
Justice for the victims of the Kidapawan Massacre!
Long Live International Solidarity!